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Dear Sensei James,
    Thank you for training and coaching me, and the rest of my teammates. Without your help, I would have never made it home with a medal from Nationals. Learning from you makes me happy. You pushed me hard throughout the whole year and I fought my hardest no matter who I was up against. You're a great Sensei and I hope that I will do better next year and at other tournaments.
Melkishar D. Shodan-Ho

Martial arts Competition Team

This class is designed for our students who are serious and interested in competing and reaching their highest potential as a karate competitor.

In this class, team members will further perfect katas (forms) stances and fighting techniques. These techniques are required to be victorious at tournaments and championships.

Members of the competition team are carefully selected and are required to conduct themselves in a respectable manner at all times.

Dojo Tournaments are a great way for students to learn about karate tournaments. Students learn to compete as a team and everyone goes home with a medal.

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